12 January 2015

559. A Declaration.

Given what's been going on in America over the last few months, there has been a shift in the minds of the oppressed. I've been struggling over the last few weeks to figure out how to sum up the latter half of 2014. I now understand that my only obligation here is to aid in the seemingly never-ending fight for the empowerment and liberation of Black people and other people of color.

Which means learning from and educating other men or standing in solidarity with women for their liberation and equality. Poor or wealthy, younger or older, queer, transgender, whatever your faith, even if we've never crossed paths, I fight for you as well. We've had our ancestors dedicate their lives for us to enjoy the liberties that we do today. If we lose track of that, we can't expect to continue moving forward and evolve as human beings.

In closing, if you find that asking for basic human rights to be problematic for you, that's okay. Just do the both of us a favor and unfollow me from your respective social media platforms.

"Align with and prioritize the women and people of color around you the power to self-liberate is rooted in our kinship." - Ayesha Siddiqi