06 December 2009

315. Happy Birthday To You....

December 5th:

The Tutti Fruity, energetic piano playing forefather of Rock n Roll, Little Richard turned 77.

December 4th:

The single greatest rapper the genre of hip hop has ever known, Shawn Carter can officially make "40 the new 30".

December 3rd:

The prince of F**king darkness and former Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne turned 61.

December 2nd:

Famed designer Gianni versace was born on this day in 1946.

"Kill Bill" actress Lucy Liu turned 41.

December 1st:

Lover of New York City and all time great Director Woody Allen turned 74.

Known to any self respecting comedian as the greatest stand up comedian of all time, the late great Richard Pryor was born on this day in 1940.

The beautiful and always so subtle sexy Jew Sarah Silverman turned 39.

The offspring to the closest to perfect DNA as you can get (Lenny Kravitz & Lisa Bonet) and cousin to Al Roker (who knew?!), Zoe Kravitz turned 21.

November 30th:

Former Generation X frontman and early 80's MTV darling Billy Idol turned 54.

The man commonly known as Gaylord Focker (male nurse), Ben Stiller turned 44.

Super Duper model Chanel Iman turned 20.

Honorable Mentions:
Dick Clark: (11.30.1929)
Treach: (12.2.1970)
Marisa Tomei: (12.4.1964)
Paula Patton: (12.5.1975)
Randy Rhoads (12.6.1956)
Judd Apatow: (12.6.1967)


Lil said...

Love that image of Chanel Iman... she is so beautiful!!!
Oh and my friend Phil (@philmcgarvey) from London says that im the 2nd funniest Sarah in the world (after Sarah silverman)... so there you go... my comment for today!!! xxxxxxxx

Keith said...

This was a cool list especially since my birthday is on Dec. 4th. It's cool to share my birthday with Jay-Z.

JFK Jean said...

Lily: She is gorgeous, isn't she?.....I have a feeeling I wanna place you third after Sarah Jessica Parker haha.....

Keith: Again, a happy birthday to you mate. In hope you lived it up and will continue to grow as a person....

Lily xxx said...

Ummm James, im not happy.. i only just saw this... I should be #1... xx

Elly said...

omg omg omg i loooove chanel :]