09 April 2012

439. "True Blue."

As stated two posts ago, my closet started this subconscious shift towards the cowboy-ish territory. I brought home my first (and certainly not my last) pair of boots a couple of months ago and needed a proper pair of jeans to accompany them. Considering I practically live in denim, the only problem that stood before me was that my torn, tattered and recently repaired 1966 Super Slim Levi's are unfortunately too skinny to wear with these boots.

Luckily I was on the market for new denim anyway, and reached out to some good buds at Baldwin Denim, who run their operation out of Kansas City, Missouri and not surprisingly are building a loyal following among denim wearing enthusiasts. A few days later, my boots met their perfect mate.

The jeans itself are named the 'Reed', slightly low rise and also raw, which requires a different washing method such as soaking them in your tub or taking a dip with them in the ocean, all to maintain its natural fade. I'm looking forward with great excitement the consecutive days/weeks/months of wear without any care, my wallet/phone marking its respective spots at the pockets, small tears developing and the hue of the jeans progressively matching that of the jacket.

And as a heads up, if you see me anytime in the next couple of years, the chances of me having these on are pretty great, tears and blowouts be damned.

Capas Design Wool Bolero Hat
Vintage Levi's Trucker Jacket
Vintage Led Zeppelin Tour Of '77 T-Shirt
Baldwin Denim "The Reed" Jeans 
Vintage Cowboy Boots

All Images By Sean Quincy
Location: Delancey Street, Under The Williamsburg Bridge